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We stand for providing the most fresh organic products which will serve your health and be a source of vitamins and minerals for our clients.

Farmer Products

We work with many farms to provide you with natural products grown with love and care with no GMO or pesticides.

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We want our client to receive their fresh products as soon as possible, so we process and ship the order at once.



The Covid 19 scare is real. Everyone would like to stay home to avoid possible contamination. It is not possible however to deliver services to our customers if we all stayed home. OMANET have their office open to serve you to your satisfaction. Send in your order today and enjoy the fastest services in organic marketing.

Fresh Cherry tomatoes

Packed with Vitamin C, a cherry tomato boosts immunity and acts as an antioxidant, It is also used in beauty care for both skin and hair, the Lycopene in cherry tomato naturally protects the skin and acts as a sunblock. Those who have oily skin can apply it to the face to prevent acne and pimples.

Herbal Gardening

Omanet helps to promote herbal gardening among the different farmers in the community

OMANET Organic Wine

Drinking wine supports longevity of life, helps keep our hearts healthy, can give you healthier skin, helps prevent obesity and helps boost body's defenses